Make Your Brand Connect With Your Consumers At An Emotional Level

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What makes a potential buyer decide to make a purchase is often times a mix of different factors. Ranging from budget, price, brand familiarity, mood, necessity or craving, any of these elements could convince someone to buy your products or try your services next. One particularly powerful factor that we would like to focus on today is customers’ emotional connection with brands and their role in shopping decisions.

It’s All About Emotionscustomer satisfaction

Emotions are at the forefront of 50 percent of the total number of buying decisions that consumers make throughout a year. Moreover, according to Harvard Professor Gerald Zaltman, 95 percent of purchasing decisions are completely by a series of subconscious urges. The most relevant of them is emotion. A number of studies completed by neuroscientists indicate that people whose emotion-generating areas in the brains have been affected are unable to make decisions.

In other words, businesses that can trigger strong emotions in consumers will create a powerful connection with them, attract more loyal buyers and boost sales in the long run. These emotions can be either negative or positive, with the mention that positive emotions are critical for enhancing loyalty among customers and encouraging satisfied buyers to recommend a business to friends and acquaintances.

Brand Intimacy – What Is It and Why You Need It

Simply put, brand intimacy is defined as the connection that a brand manages to create with its consumers. It is something that constantly influences growth, so it plays a critical role in the existence of any business. It relies on reciprocity and powerful emotions resulted at the end of several shopping experiences and interactions with the same brand. For example, when a gambler repeatedly visits the same online casino and starts living the experience as a pleasant ritual, something that enhances his gameplay or sends him into a nostalgic state. Another example is when the overall experience, games and customer support are much better than anticipated. All of these can be considered powerful brand intimacy markers.

brand marketingIf your potential consumers and prospects cannot find something pleasant, relaxing, convenient, comfortable, empathetic, fulfilling or satisfying enough to come back and make a new purchase, they are less likely to turn into loyal buyers. Mental associations with positive feelings a gambler has experienced when winning a game of poker online or collecting a free spins bonus when joining a web casino are good examples here.

What businesses can do to enhance brand intimacy:

  • meet consumers’ needs beyond what they expect every time.

  • Help customers become smarter and more efficient by using your products.

  • Create a powerful brand image that is in complete harmony with consumers who can identify as a group.

  • Turn your brand into a mandatory part of their daily routine.

  • Evoke nostalgic memories of the brand, especially if you have been on the market for many years.

  • Focus on creating relationships around consumers’ most blissful experiences by allowing them to interact with you.

How To Measure Brand Intimacy

In order to know exactly where your business stands, there are a few different ways of measuring the level of emotional connection your brand currently has with your customers.

  • Sharing refers to the interaction between consumers and a brand and it is an essential stage of the process where the brand reveals its elements and power and

  • Bonding is a stage of the process that allows consumers to get attached to the brand by accepting and putting their trust in it. The connection is a lot more committed in this stage.

  • Fusing refers to the process of co-identification and complete merging between the brand and its consumers.

Stay Real And Practice Empathy

Hire people who can read consumers’ body language and study and assess all forms of contact. Artificial Intelligence technologies have made a lot of progress in this area during recent years, so if you prefer tech-savvy solutions, you could consider it as well. Make sure you plan and generate the best solutions while relying on the results of your data analysis. This is a crucial step for the previously mentioned sharing stage of the process. Show them you care about their problems and are ready to do anything in your power to fix them.

Stay authentic by identifying the unique features of your brand and finding ways to gently push them in the least intrusive way possible.

Become A Talented Storyteller

Use stories to create powerful traditions around your services and products. Consumers need to feel like they are part of something great, lasting and meaningful.