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Welcome to Rock Media. We’re a creatively-driven marketing and branding agency. We create identities for newly-formed companies and rebrand established companies that got stuck. We’ll fashion a distinct look and voice that’s suitable for your brand, and let that persona seep into all your marketing material. Basically, we’ll discover what’s unique about you and shine a high-powered search light on it for the world to see.

Our collective skill set (scroll down to be awed) covers a broad range of expertise so we can pretty much do whatever it is that you sorely need: print ads that capture the eye, a website that dazzles with elegance, your entire office space redecorated to echo your personality, snazzy collateral that streamlines your company, and about 83 other things.

Whether you have a small project or need an entire overhaul, look no further (than this website).


Meet Our Team

Our team consists of strategists, designers, and copywriters. We work together to tackle new challenges head-on. We also sneak up on challenges from behind. Basically, we ambush challenges and give them a good shakedown. Then we make you awesome.

Moses Schwimmer
Moses Schwimmer


I dont think outside the box, I think what i can do with the box.

Israel Schachter
Israel Schachter


Without brands and design the world would be a dull place.

Derrick Chafin
Derrick Chafin

Creative Director

There is beauty in simplicity.

Matthew Kaler
Matthew Kaler

Web Developer

What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional.

Jinny Cheong
Jinny Cheong


Less is always more, but more sometimes works.

Vanessa Chiulli
Vanessa Chiulli


A small detail is never too small.

Frady Schachter
Frady Schachter

Account Executive

Everything you can Imagine is real.

Aliza Scheiner
Aliza Scheiner


The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.

Things We Rock At

We strongly believe that when we create things with passion, magic happens. Here’s some stuff we’re passionate about.


Front end and Backend Development

Say what? We understand that tech-talk can be intimidating, but that you also want a rockin’ website. That’s okay. You don’t have to study Websites for Dummies to get a gorgeous site that’ll set you apart from the pack. We got your back. Specifically the backend of your website (the potentially complicated tech-filled part), as well as the frontend (the bit you see when you go online). Want to see an example of a site we’ve done? You’re looking at it.

Our Skills

  • Branding

Our Mission?

Transforming ordinary companies into rock stars. Simple.

Still Rockin